Vim Pinky and Programmable Keyboard

I use my left pinky to jump back and forth in vim with cscope, ctags + vim comb a lot everyday. Especially ctrl + t, o, ] and so on. However, it has been hurt slightly. I thought that it might be by the use of the pinky a lot, so that looked for a solution in Google. Firstly, I could have modified my input method program a bit such that swap between Ctrl and Caps Lock, but felt frustrated all the steps code level to testing. At a random period of time looking for solutions, I just looked down, see my keyboard and found out there was a key saying "Switch layer".

I said "Yeh, that's it!"

I am currently using Vortex Race 3 and it has it. It supports 4 switch layers and be able to customize user keymap in each one. So I swapped these two keys, Caps Lock and Ctrl. Yet I am still trying to get used to the new map, my pinky gets better. :-)


Let me say this, not all keyboards existed support this functionality. You should check it out first.